About Us


A spirited and covenant relationship with local businesses and the community of Doral that will Stimulate long term and sustainable economic development, positively impact the growth of Entrepreneurialship , multiply business opportunities for its members and create “Win, Win” strategic partnerships and business synergies


“The Implementation Catalyst” of the business community converting ideas & initiatives into reality.

Core Values

Commitment, Integrity, Intentional, Covenant


The City of Doral’s economic development is driven by key industry sectors called “Verticals”. The backbone of The City’s economy are the over 12,000 businesses representing each Vertical that employ thousands and supply goods and services for the benefit of the residents & businesses in Doral and beyond. These Verticals are led by South Florida executives, business icons, thoughts leaders and influencers known as “The Pioneer Club” and supported by The Premier Club an ensemble of selected industry experts. This distinguished group called “The Forum Executives” develop programs & initiatives that showcase; Industry trends, opportunities and create synergies with other industry verticals for the purpose of enhancing economic development and business growth through horizontal integration. The Business Forum Group spotlights a different vertical each month via social media, monthly newsletter, community newspaper article, Business Forum Radio Program culminating in Monthly Vertical Showcase Events.

Key Verticals

  • International Trade & Logistics
  • Health & Wellness
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Technology
  • Professional & Financial Services
  • Entrepreneurship & Education
  • Entretainment & Media
  • Luxury, Arts & Design
  • Hospitality, Retail & Restaurants
  • Philanthropy

  • Our Team

    • Pete De La Torre – Managing Partner
    • Vilma Villavicencio - Director of Events
    President of Checklist Events
    • Sally Villalba – Chair of The Women's Forum
    • Jorge Escobar – Special Projects Coordinator
    • Samantha Baker – Intern

    Advisory Board

    • Ralph Gazitua – Senior Advisor
    Chairman of WTDC
    • Ana Maria Rodriguez
    Vice-Mayor City of Doral
    • Juan Del Busto
    Chairman of Del Busto Capital Partners
    • Carolina Rendeiro
    President of World Strategic Forum
    • Grant Miller
    Publisher /CEO of Community Newspapers
    • Ricardo Forbes
    Healthcare Strategist & Consultant